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With all that is required to successfully run a small business, it’s no surprise that many owners feel the struggle to balance essential tasks like bookkeeping and brand development.

MH Financial recognizes this gap and presents a compelling solution that combines essential financial management with visually engaging content creation.


At first glance, Bookkeeping and Photography might appear to be an unlikely pair. But it makes complete sense to us! Accurate bookkeeping and a strong visual brand are key pieces to growing your business.  At MH Financial, our mission is to empower small business owners by alleviating administrative burdens and enhancing brand image through comprehensive and unique service offerings. By building a collaborative relationship with our clients, we go beyond the numbers on paper to support your business goals.

Service Offerings


Manage daily transactions​ through proper coding & efficient record keeping 

Accounts Payable

Process vendor bill payments

Accounts Receivable

Prepare invoices and maintain accounts receivable

Financial Strategy

Comprehensive financial reporting and insight to help owners make informed decisions


From professional headshots to event coverage and all the Instagram worthy projects in between, we have you covered!


Content creation with a clear purpose!  Let's create timely & striking brand campaigns that support your company's business goals


My name is Meredith Hamrick

I have always been a storyteller at heart.

I fell in love with photography over a decade ago when it allowed me to share the beauty of the world around me with others.  There is something truly magical about capturing the essence of someone's laugh in an image.


While accounting seems to be task driven and maybe juuuust a little bit boring, underneath those credits & debits is the fascinating story of a business. 

I'm here to help clients understand the financial narrative their business tells. Through timely one-on-one meetings and personalized financial reporting, I aim to empower you to make informed decisions for your business's future.

Beyond numbers, I offer additional support by bringing your vision to life. In this digital age, strong visual branding plays a key role to attract new customers as well as aid in current customer engagement and retention. From professional headshots to event coverage and all the Instagram worthy projects in between, I have you covered!

I want to help you get back to the fun stuff – growing your business!

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An image of MH Financial owner Meredith.  She is standing and holding a laptop in one hand and a camera in the other.

Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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